Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.


The durability, colour choice, and textures that concrete offers are just a few of the reasons why architects in Ontario are choosing to go with concrete floors.  With a wide array of customization architects can express themselves in each creation and project.  

Self Leveling Ontario is a full service contractor who works with architects, designers and builders in procurement, supply, consulting and management of anything concrete related.  We are fully capable of handling installation and finishing for any project both big and small. 

We can help support you on your next project and ensure:

  • Quality of the mixture and aggregate is to specification
  • Customize admixture to project spec
  • Safely deliver and or install product
  • Commit to providing excellent customer service
  • Satisfaction guarantee and warranty support 

We can work with your design on any project.  These days concrete is mainly used for interior flooring but we are willing to be creative and build exterior panels, feature walls, or patios.  Just let us know what is required and we will be happy to consider working on your creation.  

Think about how you can incorporate polished concrete in your next big project.  What characteristics do you require?  Colours, stains, bright, glossy, vibrant.  

If your clients haven’t asked for polished concrete yet they will be soon. Partner with Ontario Self Leveling Concrete and see why we are one of the most professional contractors in Eastern Ontario. 

Book a consultation today and trust us to create your vision. 

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